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The blog series "We love what we do" continues. In this blog series we take a detailed look at the entrepreneurs and creators with whom we collaborate to give you the most genuinely Ålandic experience.

The first one to share his story was fisherman and nature guide Jakob Rosenqvist. You can read his story at:

This time we get to share Harriet Strandviks story. Harriet is a local food enthusiast and creator of the PUR concept. Read more about Harriet and why she loves what she does. Enjoy️!

Food, design and the genuine Ålandic atmosphere. Harriet Strandvik is the woman behind the Alandic mingel food concept, PUR.

Harriet is a food and meal consultant with experience of local, national and Nordic food projects. As a former home economics teacher she enjoys inspiring others and working practically. This summer you can meet her on the island of Vårdö where she works as a restauranteur in the café Hamnmagasinet. 

Harriet has always enjoyed being around people and her creativity has paved her way to new job opportunities and projects of her own. PUR is one of those projects and also the one dearest to her. The idea of PUR was born when Harriet was done with one of her local food projects and she saw an opportunity to continue the work on her own. 

But what is PUR? 

PUR is when local Alandic food meets the Alandic design, handicrafts and atmosphere. Every PUR event is made specifically for the group in question and the details vary depending on the group size, purpose of the event, and customers requests. 

The place to have PUR also varies - so far PUR has taken place on the four-masted barque Pommern as well as at a farm house in the countryside.  

According to Harriet, one of the most memorable PUR events was a business occasion where her guests got to milk a cow, have a relaxing sauna moment and then spend the rest of the event seaside.

PUR is made for cultural foodies who love everything beautiful and want to enjoy the local Alandic tastes and lovely luxurious details around. 

Åland expeditions and events together with Harriet Strandvik wish you heartly welcome to the beautiful Åland archipelago!

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