About us

Henna, CEO and founder

Henna is born and raised in mainland Finland and she moved to Åland in her early twenties. Moving to the Åland Islands didn’t happen on purpose, but a holiday on the Åland Islands inspired her to stay, probably for the rest of her life. After falling in love with Åland she has recommended Åland to everyone as a tourism destination and also as a place to live - so be prepared, she will probably convince you to stay as well.


Henna is currently studying Hospitality Management at the Åland University of Applied Sciences.


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Alexander, biking guide


Alexander is a native Åland islander who knows everything about the Ålandic lifestyle, history and people. After spending five years in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, he returned to Åland and made  a living as a seaman. Nowadays he wants to explore the world by mountain bike, and you are, of course, welcome to join him. 


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Olli, freelance event planner


Olli has lived in several countries, in England, USA and France, to mention a few. Still he keeps returning to Åland where he has spent many summers of his life. Olli has several years of experience in the tourism industry and he has also graduated as a Master of event management in England. Olli knows how to combine his knowledge of the Åland Islands with his international experiences when planning a great event.


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