Sleep next to the vikings

Most of the evidence of vikings living in Finland has been found on the Åland Islands. Also their graves, swords, cooking utensils and so forth. 


Now you have a chance to camp in the same area were a lot of these artefacts were found. Because we want this land to be as untouched as possible, you will be sleeping in special tree tents above the ground. This camping package is suitable for three persons at the time and you will not have any neighbours nearby.


The camp is located at Kastelholm which is approximately 30 kilometers away from the city of Mariehamn. Near the camp is the famous castle of Kastelholm. The camping place has an outdoor lavatory, but no shower or cooking place.


For an extra fee you can also get:

  • Transport to/from the camp

  • Dinner before camping and/or breakfast next morning 


Please call us or leave us a message for booking.

You can also party like a viking! Fornföreningen Fibula in Saltvik offers all inclusive Viking Packages, meals and programs included. Take your group to Saltvik and party like vikings!


For event offer please send us a message.