PUR - alandic mingel experience

PUR means pure, genuine, undiluted, solid.

Get together with your friends or business group and enjoy the PURe Ålandic meeting with all your senses. Good vibes, genuine tastes and great events. 

PUR is a concept for local produced food combined with local design, art and handicraft. A meal is more than just food; it is a platform for senses and enjoyment. In the concept all ingredients are especially selected from local farmers and producers. The sustainability aspect is important, food and quality is important and the aspect of recycling. In the industrial world things are mainstream and tend to be anonymous, in the PUR-concept things are unique just like we all are. Enjoy the meal when it is cross-creative collaboration between art, food and music!

The creator of the PUR, Harriet Strandvik, is an alandic design and food enthusiastic who has several years of experience in Alandic cuisine and events.