Our wonderful business partners 

Without them, we would not be.


Our business partners share the same values and principles us as - activities of high standard, environmental thinking, vast knowledge of the Åland Islands and the best customer service. We choose to work with small family run businesses, such as ourselves. Together we are stronger!

Eden hunting and fishing

Local experience, global service.


Welcome to the hunting and fishing paradise at the Åland Islands. Eden is located in Kastelholm, near the golf course and the Kastelholm Castle. Eden offers cozy log cottages with guaranteed sea view. With Eden you have an opportunity to try bow hunting or to take a fishing trip. 


Eden is owned by a local couple with a huge interest in Ålandic nature. Eden offers service in several languages: Swedish, Finnish, English and German.


Nimix kayaking

Kayak where ever you want to around Åland Islands with top equipment. 


Nimix owns the top kayaking equipment available and can deliver it anywhere on the main island of Åland.

And to make sure you get the best kayaking experience, they will also share their best spots and favourite routes along the Ålandic coasts. 

JaRo Guiding

Your wilderness and fishing guide in Åland.


What comes to camping and nature guiding on the Åland Islands, Jakob Rosenqvist knows where to take you. Jakob knows the most picturesque views, the best places to spot Ålandic seabirds and other wild animals. Jakob himself is also familiar with photography and he loves to share his knowledge and advice his guests on the matter.


What is more, his favourite hobby, fishing. Jakob has knowledge of all kind of ålandic fishes, fishing techniques and of course the most important safety licenses needed for guided sea tours. Welcome aboard!


The Åland Maritime Museum

The Åland Maritime Museum represents the most important cultural part of the Åland Islands - the seaman lifestyle and the sea around us. Take a look at the treasures such as a genuine pirate flag and other items Ålandic seamen have brought to our island in the past, and learn more about the Ålandic maritime, past and present. From the museum there is an access to Pommern, the beautiful four masted tall ship. You can enter inside the ship during summer.